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We believe a personal growth mindset is essential to growing and building your empire, and the impact of self-mastery ripples beyond the palace of your body, beyond the home of your “kingdom,”  and into every fellow king and queen in your empire, whom you inspire step up to their own throne and lead aligned with Love.

This podcast exists to connect people back to their purpose and challenge you to kick fear off your throne, and rise into your reign as Queen (or King) of your life + business. 

Aug 26, 2020

Get a BTS look behind 5 business owners in Kimberly's first Crown's Council Mastermind with her clients, Stuart Morris, Susie Roberts, Kala Maxym, Lobro, and Spike Spencer. @crownyourselfnow

This is an episode that is both long overdue and right on time. We recorded this episode way back in February, when the world was allowed to gather en masse, to celebrate, grow, champion, cheerlead, and lift each other up. And while we can all still do that virtually, there is just something to be said for gathering together as a community.

Today on the podcast I have the honor and the privilege of introducing you to five of my extraordinary clients - Stuart Morris, Susie Roberts, Kala Maxym, Lobro, and, sure he's not one of my clients but we coach each other from time to time, my awesome hubby and our chef for this event, Spike Spencer. 

One of my favorite parts of being a certified high performance coach is bringing my clients to HPX where we get to connect in person, dive in, breakthrough, and experience a new level of empowerment, connectedness, and dreaming that . It's electric. It's magnetic. It's energy en mass and in motion.

We then brought it down to feed our souls and ground into action in our first ever Crown's Council mastermind, which I held the day after. This allowed us to connect in, learn, plot, plan, breakthrough, and take what we learned from 3 days of immersion and actually implement, strategize and plan to pioneer the road ahead. 

The breakthroughs that occurred were immense. You'll even get to hear a few of them on this podcast.

I long for the days when we will be able to gather together in a room of 2000+ people, and cheer and champion and grow together. Until those days, we have this episode. 

And what perfect timing indeed because, as you'll learn quickly on this episode, since HPX and our mastermind, two of my clients - Stuart and Susie combined forces to launch the US branch of the Institute of Professional Celebrants virtually! 

Their first training launches THIS MONTH! 

And now without further ado, the extraordinary humans whom I am blessed to coach...

STUART MORRIS is a serial-entrepreneur, tech inventor, and trainer of entrepreneurs, his business’ have literally changed a country - Moldova. He has a passion to see people lifted out of poverty by building sustainable businesses. He taught entrepreneurship at Henley Business School and other universities in Europe. He’s a TedX speaker and the founder and CEO of the Institute of Professional Celebrants, which in just 9 months since inception grew to one of the top celebrancy training businesses in the UK. 

If you're in the UK, and you're  Interested in helping others celebrate life's moments of transition? Get the skills and the certification by the Institute of Professional Celebrants:

SUSIE ROBERTS is an integrative life coach and COO of the U.S. Operations of the Institute of Professional Celebrants. She helps people celebrate and navigate through life’s milestone moments and she’s a freaking POWERHOUSE. As a nurse for 30+ years she’s successfully transitioned into creating her own freedom on her own terms, fearlessly. They just launched the Institute of Professional Celebrants in the US. 

If you're in the USA, and you're  Interested in helping others celebrate life's moments of transition? Get the skills and the certification by the Institute of Professional Celebrants:

KALA MAXYM is the Chief Event Composer of Five Senses Tastings as well as the Co-Founder of Song and Tonic. She brings her customer’s brand stories to life through full sensory storytelling and tasting experiences. Her carefully paired events combine music, wine, food, and sweet treats infusing our lives with moments of beauty, purpose, and discovery. Her client list includes Diane Von Furstenburg, WeWork, Jim Beam, the Oakland Symphony, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, and Adobe. 

Experience Kala's business:

Five Senses Tastings:

Want to connect deeper and discover new things you never realized you would enjoy? Travel your palette when you join Kala's monthly Music + Wine club:

LOBRO is a support superhero and the founder of the Neon Positivity Show. Inspired by uber-positive video game characters and a passion for personal growth, Lobro wields the magic of positivity, personal development, and mindfulness, creating a safe and fun place for you to become your best self and glow boldly onward on Twitch. the

Are you a video gamer or Twitch Streamer looking for a boost of boldness and to grow your glow? Subscribe to Lobro's Twitch Stream:

Spike Spencer is the voice of relationships. He's the founder of Relationship Sales Dynamics, combining relationships with business to help people thrive in their communication both personally and professionally. He's also Amazon bestselling author of FOODGAME: A Man's Ultimate Recipe for Dating Success. And, okay, so he’s my husband, I am a little biased. But he’s an extraordinary relationship coach, and considering I’m married to him, I’d say that’s testament enough to his skillset on communication, connecting as a couple, co-leading with a strong woman (you know…me). 

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