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Nov 13, 2019

Non-profit leaders have a high burnout rate. Jessica McCann, PhD, founder of Fundraise Higher, shares how to practice the key habit for long-term sustainability - investing in yourself and your team. @crownyourselfnow


In this episode you will learn…


Why is fundraising about cultivating connections? (7:00)

How does being a woman helps as a fundraiser? (13:00)

What are the qualities a man in non-profit can learn from women? (15:30)

What is the benefit of having a coach while being a coach? (18:45)

Why is it important for non-profit leaders to receive coaching? (20:45)

How is resilience important in life? (23:00)

What do you need to do to step up for non-profits? (35:10)

Why is it important for non-profit leaders to have an oscillatory cycle throughout the day? (39:00)

How is choosing your priorities the most difficult decision? (40:45)

What is the compound effect? (43:45)

Why should there be a balance between preparation and action? (45:00)

How can investing in your team catapult to much sustainable success? (47:30)


Jessica McCann is a non-profit coach, consultant, and teacher. She has a PhD in organizational development and change and she is the founder of Fundraise higher and a Client Partner with Franklin Covey, helping her clients put the fun-back in fundraising. With a background in communication and change management, she started her professional career in management consulting, learning the ins and outs of business and strategic execution. She has a heart and a calling that aligned her skills, talents and heart with helping others through fundraising. She’s facilitated more than 200 hours of training and has raised over $10 million dollars for charity. She is also a dog mom and baby sea turtle rescuer and is getting married to her finance Jim in the Spring of 2020. 


She is also one of Kimberly's extraordinary clients.




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