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We believe a personal growth mindset is essential to growing and building your empire, and the impact of self-mastery ripples beyond the palace of your body, beyond the home of your “kingdom,”  and into every fellow king and queen in your empire, whom you inspire step up to their own throne and lead aligned with Love.

This podcast exists to connect people back to their purpose and challenge you to kick fear off your throne, and rise into your reign as Queen (or King) of your life + business. 

Mar 25, 2019

Ever start on a diet and then a few weeks in, totally drop off and go back to your old habits? Ever swear that you were “not going to attract a cheater again” as a partner, and yet, there you are in another relationships with someone who has cheated? Ever feel like there was a cap, or just some kind of block as to how much you could make in your business?

The things is, all of those are unconscious, or subconscious pattern, and play into the prime directives of your subconscious mind.  

Studies show that about 95-97% of all that you do is an unconscious pattern. The problem is, though, that usually when you set a new goal you are working only with the conscious mind, the 3-5% of your mind that is brute willpower. That’s why goals like going to the gym are really popular on January 1, but two weeks in, the membership drops back to it’s normal numbers.

In this episode we dive into the 20 prime directives of your subconscious mind. By understanding these prime directives of how your unconscious mind works, you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster, communicate with your mind more clearly to be able to get the EXACT outcomes you desire, start healing your body, and shift your past stories to set you up for success.

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